Display NULL Columns on Detail View

I would like to display a consistent set of columns on a detail view - including those that are NULL. For those that are currently NULL, I’d like to show the user a value of “Unknown”. When data is updated or entered, the proper value of the column will be shown on the detail view.

I’ve seen the approach to use Show_if with a simple “true” … this will show the column, but since it is NULL, it only displays the column label … and its easy to miss this visually.

If you’re wanting to display a value that is different from the actual value, in any case, then you’ll need to add another column with a formula such as:

IFS( ISBLANK( [original column] ) , “Unknown” )

Then display that new column in the detail view when the original is blank.

Alternatively, consider giving the original column an initial value of “Unknown”


One workaround is to use option called “Display name”. If the column is blank, show a name with the Unknown