Display pdf from google drive

I have a workflow that save a pdf file.
I use the default value given by appsheet for theis file so in google drive it is ‘appsheet/data/Myappfile/Files’
I need to display this file, so I created a virtual file column in the app. When I let the location colum to default it does not work, when I change the location to ‘appsheet/data/Myappfile/Files’ it does not work either.
What should I put in the location formula ?

Thanks a lot

What is your virtual column’s app formula?

@Aleksi it is
SUBSTITUTE([packing_name]&’’&[print]&’.pdf’,’ ‘,’’)
The same formula I have in the name creation formula for the file.

Let me check… do you want to open the pdf file that the Workflow is created OR a pdf file from the File column?

Actually I want to open the pdf file that the workflow has created.
To acheive this I did:

  1. Create action ‘Print’ that add one in the print column

  2. Create a workfow OnUpdate that trigers the pdf saving

  3. Name of the document = Packing Name + Colum print to make sure that the last document created is the one printed

  4. I wnanted to display a column to be able to finally open the file (or send it to my printer as I found a nice post on this :slight_smile: )

Check the sample app WorkflowPDF from www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778

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Thanks again @Aleksi, you are a life savior!

You’re welcome

Having same issue here. I know this was resolved a while ago but not sure if appsheets changed something, not even the sample apps(http://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778) work when trying to open the PDF.

I looked through other forums but no luck.

  1. direct links. - do not work
  2. relative links. - do not work,
    3. Sharable link from google drive is the only one that works (assuming that file is hosted on google drive). the only problem with this is that it will require to find a way to retrieve the shareble link from the drive and set it to the file column.

please help.