Display Picture using Enum and Valid If function


I am trying to do Enum with Picture, i tried using Valid If to let it link to my google sheet image link, it was working fine until i keep editing other column and adding new features, and I did not interupt initial formula and setting, at the end, the image showing β€œ!”.

I got no clue what is happening. I need to use Valid If for create filter

I do not understand. Perhaps post some screenshots that show the problem? If English is not your native language, perhaps post your question in your native language?

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Hi Steve, I solved the issue, thanks btw.

But today I am having another issue.

In one form, I have two entries which need to create dropdown list and those two entries are going to refer same data sheet and and same particular row I used Valid If to make them refer that particular row.

However, only the first entry is able capture the date from the data sheet the second entry is not.
As you can see from the Images I uploaded.

The the Appsheet inferface, β€œPart of Rejection 1” and Part of Rejection 02" are suppose to have same interface same dropdown list content due I set same formula on Valid If, but somehow is not.

Perhaps I misunderstanding on Valid If behavior.

Kindly help on that.

Thank you.

Appsheet InterfaceAppsheet Part of Rejection 1 & 02 Valid If Formula

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Please post screenshots of the entire configurations of each column, down to and including the Data Validity section.