Display results from key

AppSheet Community,

This is my first project and community post, I appreciate the ease and power of your platform. I’m in the process of building a human resources app so an employer can search the pool.

A feature that comes to mind is being able to filter the candidate table based on desired position key. I thought dependent dropdowns would facilitate this, but when I configured the valid_if , didn’t receive any query results when making a selection in the dropdown. My understanding is to utilize dependent dropdowns which will deduplicate a key. When someone selects a key in the dropdown, AppSheet will return all the candidates having this desired position.

There is also a requirement to incorporate some ‘candidate scoring’ functionality that needs to be integrated into the query results so the highest scoring candidates are shown first. I need to use functions such as FILTER() or FIND() to display desired positions key. This is all in the same table.

Thanks for your attention to this request for help. I appreciate the AppSheet developers, Google, and the wonderful developer community.