Display row of column based on user input


I have a view where the user enters a barcode number. Once this happens I would like the view to then show the Product Name associated with that barcode number (under the barcode number is fine). The data resides in the table “Product” under columns “Barcode Number” and “Product”. Do I make a virtual column?

Did you see this sample app which I contributed before?


You can see how the QR code is constructed using virtual column but you change it to bar code .


Thank you, that will be helpful for generating a QR code image based on the numerical barcode data. However, I am just looking to display the associated Product Name once the user inputs the product barcode number within the same view.

you could see that trick in this sample app as well.

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Within your scanner view?

table for scan is just prepared for scanning purpose. When user manually type code or scan through the device, it will pass that variable (value) to deeplink expression and will open up the target row of the table.

This scan table is set to remove all the existing row all the time.

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LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Pens_Detail”, [Name] = [_thisrow].[Scanner])?


That is action to bring the user to the target row & view when they put the code on the scanner.

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Thank you for the help, I actually just got it to work with virtual column and a SELECT command but your example has been valuable.

Yeah, great to know you find out the solution.

In the appsheet, we can consider bunch of different options to do the same. Solution is not only one all the time.


Do you have an example for the SELECT command that you used? I’ve been trying for a few days now and I can’t find a suitable command for this.

What are you trying to do?