Display rule is not reading all the data in the table

The table NAME has a column called [Email] and there are 6 rows with data.

The display rule is:

IN(useremail(), NAME [Email])

When I test it, it only sees the first 4 emails. This rule used to work well for me before so I’m thinking this may be a bug?

Any tips much appreciated!


What do you mean by “display rule”?

How are you testing it, and why do you think it only sees the first 4 emails?


I mean a display formula in a Ux view.

I’m using the test formula function. It shows me for which emails the formula is true/false. This matches when I’m observing when testing different email addresses.

Does that make sense?

Thank you!

Sure that makes sense. But still, why do you think it is only seeing the first 4 emails? Can you show a screenshot?


Hi Marc, thank you for the reply.

I click Test on the Display formula. In the results, I only see 4 emails listed when the table has 6.

The other reason I know is that I use the option Preview App as one of the emails that’s missing and I don’t see the right UX view.

Any clues? Thank you!

What do you see here?

Alternatively, if you just enter Users 21Q3[email] into an expression somewhere (like a temporary VC), what is the result?

You say there are 6 emails in this Table, if the App only “sees” 4, than I would suspect perhaps the other 2 records don’t have a valid/unique/non-blank Key value.


YES! that was the mistake. The wrong column was marked as the Key. That’s why it was not pulling all the data.

Marc, thank you thank you thank you!