Display specific entire column

Hi everyone, I have a table with a line for each student.


Is there a way to automatically only display the current weeknumber column in my appsheet “current week” view I will create. I mean I don’t want to see all the other weeks at all.

7th July 2020 is in the 28th week so I only want to see the NAME, FIRST NAME and the 28 column.
And then next week, only the 29 week column will be displayed.

Thank you.

Very annoying solution: make the show if for each column check the current week and if it equals to the column name then true. You can’t use the name of the column as far as I know in expressions so you would have to manually type in WEEK()=1 for column 1, WEEK()=2 for column 2, etc.
@Steve am I correct that you can’t use the columns name in expressions?
You would do best changing the table to have name, week, attendance as your columns that way you just add a row each week for each student with the appropriate attendance.

Correct: there is no way to query the current column’s name.

I agree with this.

Thank you @Austin_Lambeth and @Steve ! I’m going to do it this way.

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