Display the right x-axis on a chart

Hi All,

When creating a graph, the x-axis column is automatically default to the Table label. In my case, the label is the Date field which is fine but I am interested to create other graphs with different x-axis (Week Date and Month Date). How can I do that?

Chart definition:

This is similar to:

But I am creating another post since my x-axis is always date. I just want to see a chart per day, week and month.


In order to show the charts by week or month, I would assume you need to summarize or collate data in some fashion? Right?

What I do for these situations is create separate Google sheets and use queries to create the summarized information from my main data sheet. I then pull those into AppSheet as separate tables and then create a Chart view for each one.


Sounds good. Thanks

John, do you have an example of a google sheet that uses queries? I have data points I would like to aggregate (SUM) per week. Thanks.

Here’s an example query I use in Google to capture Daily Revenue summary with the resulting data sheet sample below.

Feel free to ask questions!

=Query(WorkOrders!E:AJ, "select year(Q), month(Q)+1, day(Q), sum(AE), sum(AF), sum(AG), sum(AH), sum(AI) where Q is not null and E = 'Order' group by year(Q), month(Q)+1, day(Q) label year(Q) 'Year', month(Q)+1 'Month', day(Q) 'Day', sum(AE) 'Products', sum(AF) 'Materials', sum(AG) 'Labor', sum(AH) 'Other', sum(AI) 'SubTotal'")


Thanks a ton John. I need to read more about Query.