Display time in 24 hr format

Seems there’s been several asks about this, but no actual feature request.

It would be nice to be able to show a timestamp in 24 hr format - without having to manually create it inside a separate field.

As always, thanks for considering! partyparrot (Appsheet)

Indeed. This should be basic optional selection to us, but actually we are missing. Thanks you for taking this up for vote, bro.

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I’d like to understand a little bit more here.
It is possible to show 24-hr format if your locale is set to one that prescribes this behavior. Knowing you two as AppSheet power users, I assume you already know that and that you’re asking to over-ride this behavior.
So even if the locale is US on a user’s Chrome browser, you want to be able to over-ride this to show 15h34 instead of 3:34pm. If that’s correct, why do you want to do that when app users have chosen their own preference in their browser or mobile device settings?

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Let’s think about a hypothetical in a way separated from AppSheet, to help make my point.

If I was making a website targeted to active military personnel, and there were schedules included, regardless of how the user has their device setup I would want to display times in 24hr format.

  • There’s xyz reasons why (maybe they’re accessing the site from an office computer, or a friends phone, etc.), but it’s really because of all the other scenarios that we can’t think of.