Display Value for Enum/Enumlist Similar to New Y/N

So, now that the handy feature of a ‘Display Value’ for Y/N columns was introduced, can we expect the same for Enum and Enumlist type columns?

For that, switch to a base-type of REF:


Excellent ‘Tips & Tricks’, but more gauged toward References. My thought was more like a defined list of values for Enum/Enumlist with an actual value - display value combination. I am not sure that this accomplishes that.

Use case would be a short value that gets stored in the datasource with a possible longer more detailed display value that helps the user decide the appropriate choice.

Example: I have a Units of measure column with 5 different choices. Two choices are Barrels-Oil and Barrels-Fluid, which are the actual values stored in the DB. The corresponding display values should be Barrels (Oil Standard 42 gallons/barrel) and Barrels (Fluid Standard 31.5 gallons/barrel).

It does.

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Is it where I would have to introduce an additional table though? One that has a column for the actual value and the corresponding display value? I am trying to avoid that as much as possible. Also, I’m wondering if there is any overhead savings I suppose from the app definition perspective?

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