Display Years left in signle digit

Hey All,

I hope somebody can help me. I have a product list and each item has a [Replace By] date.

Is there a way of displaying how many years are left in a numerical value? example years left “2” by subtracting current date [9/9/2026] - [Today] = 4

This needs to refresh when the user syncs because it needs to be live.

Im happy for this to be a view,field,bot, or anyway anyone can think of.

Hope that makes sense, I’m new at this sorry

Maybe you are looking for something else because in the example you have shared you mentione years left as "2) and [9/9/2026] - [Today] = 4 which should be I believe 5?

So maybe you wish to try an expression YEAR([Replace By])- YEAR(TODAY()) in a number type virtual column.


Thank you so much. It worked. Do you know how I can get the virtual column to update after the user syncs?

If the formula is placed in a VC , the VC will update when the app is synched by the user after the date has changed to the next day.


Thanks Suvrutt

This is working beautifully now