Displaying a specific group of data


I am making a travel request app, which allows the employees to request for travel and the manager can then either reject, approve, or keep the request pending. I have grouped the request based on the status of approval as shown.

Is there any way, when the app starts, only the pending requests are shown and there can be a dropdown where the user can navigate through different categories as accepted and rejected.

Please help me with this.



You could create a slice like [STATUS]=“Pending” and then a view for that slice and the same for other statuses and show them from the bottom menu.

Thanx, if OK can u please elaborate more. I am new to appsheet and trying ti figure out things.


You have to create slice for each status, in this case one for Pending and other two for Approved and Rejected. Refer below sample image

Then Create a new views and point to that slices. Refer below sample image.

like this create 3 views for Pending,Approved and Rejected

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Hello @pendu_jaat,

Instead of selecting categories from drop-down you could manage in tab view as shown below screenshot.

Create separate views “pending requests” etc. which you wanted to display in different tabs-> choose view type as per requirement -> choose view position as ref for all the views.
Now create a new view which you wanted to show in bottom menu -> choose view type as Dashboard-> in VIEW OPTIONS select all the views you created above.-> make sure “Use tabs in mobile view” option as On.