Displaying Button for Multi-row Action

I’ve used actions a fair bit on individual table records, and I think I understand them pretty well in that context. The current problem I’m trying solve involves an action which will act on multiple rows. I understand how to setup the action to execute on a group of rows, my question is about displaying the action button. Given that this action is executing on many records, it really doesn’t make sense to display the action button in the detail view. However, this is the only place I know how to display actions in. Is there a way to display action buttons in the primary view screen (not associated with a detail view)?

Perhaps a single detail view, accessible from the hamburger menu, might do the trick. I handle an issue like this with a view I call “Options” in my app.


Interesting idea! Know of any example projects, which implement this?

As a feature request, this should be available. I’ve run into this problem multiple times.

My sample app is here:


I put the link to the “Options” menus (in my case, I have several) on the bottom bar.


Hi @Kirk_Masden, thanks for the demo, it’s very helpful! I see how you’ve done this, and I think I can do something similar. Question for you: my app doesn’t show “MENU VIEWS”. How do I get access to those?

Sorry, Phil, but I’m not sure I know what you mean. Could you share a screenshot of the menu views you are referring to in my app?

Of course, Kirk, thanks for your prompt response. See this screen shot. I don’t see any of these views in Apps.


I think you’ll see something if you designate the position of one or more of your views as “menu.”

In the following app, I didn’t have any views that were set to “menu” so I couldn’t see “MENU VIEWS”.


Hi Kirk, ah ha. I see! Thank you!

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