Displaying Colour Data Type; This has change...

(James W Rezin) #1

Displaying Colour Data Type;

This has changed and now it is almost impossible in our app to tell which one has been selected. Please can you bring back the check mark or put a X in it Can you see which one is checked easily?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

+JW R Hi, are these columns Color type columns? If so, I don’t think there was ever any checkbox or X in color columns. Are you referring to yes/no question columns instead? Or are you using format rules to format these columns?


Hi there used to be a big tick on the old bigger coloured dots.

(Morgan Dixon [AppSheet]) #4

Hey +JW R Thanks for notifying us. We’ve been working to improve the color inputs based on feedback from customers. I’ve added a fix that will render these next to each other, with a much more obvious highlight, and they will be bigger. It will be deployed tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

(James W Rezin) #5

@Morgan_Dixon_AppShee Many thanks and look forward to seeing the result.

(James W Rezin) #6


Looks better and is more visible when Selected.

Still liked the tick as it made it very clear to he users.