Displaying customer name in second view

I want to select my customer in the first view E.g(CustomerABC). When i select the action that brings me to the second view i want to display the customer name based on the column from the first view that i select the action.

Since what shown is a form view, I don’t think yo can select action.

Could you provide more detail on what view is the first view and what action have you created.

Example for a table view, the system generated on-click event will take the display to a detail view based on the selected column from the table view, and I think maybe you want something different?


The form view is the second view after i clicked the action. This is the first view

I need the customer name to be auto-generated based on the customer name that i select in the first view. Is it possible with my current columns in my second view?

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If your action is something like:

that should open the form with the name being auto generated.

Maybe try to include the edit action on your slice action selection, and start from there?

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Use an action of type App: go to another view within this app. In the Target expression, use the LINKTOFORM() function to target your table’s form view and include whatever column names an initial values you want. For example:

  "New product_Form",
  [Customer Name]

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