Displaying Images in Show

I have an app which I am looking to show a image which fpeople can commnet on. I have used Show, however the image is in my google drive. I have read several articles and watched videos, but it still doesnt work.

The instruction videos/content dont seem to show the address that Google give with a shareable link and the corresponding image ID

So I the popped over to these sites to see if I could give my image a url, but that didnt seem to work either.


but still just showing me the classic image error

Please help.

Plrease explore below

The description assumes, you wish to show image stored in Google drive in Show type column with image category.

  1. Select “Get Shareable link” option by right clicking on the image in Google drive
    You will get a URL something like below


  1. Please copy the highlighted part in the above URL , meaning the part after d/ and before /view?
    So in the above example the part to be copied is 1T6TEST0f3lFJFj4ljK&Dnq5lffmKjGbbaA94z

  2. Paste this copied part in the URL below as shown


So basically you need to paste the copied part in step 2 after &id= in the URL in step 3

  1. For every image file the part https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id= remains constant and the part after &id= , you need to get for every image file stored in Google drive that you wish to display as described in step 1 and 2 above

  2. In the AppSheet editor , in Show type, image category column’ s Content property of the column settings , please paste the URL created in step 3 above in double quotes such as below

I have purposely added some characters in the 1T6TEST0f3lFJFj4ljK&Dnq5lffmKjGbbaA94z part in this example so that it does not point to any real image

This is explained under “Google Drive” in the article below as well

Hope this helps.