Displaying Multiple List values based on Selected Enum List Values

Dear Community,
I have a form where I need to display the values of various Descriptions of Work based on the Nature of Work selected which is an Enum List value.
I usually use a Select command for the selection based on the Single Nature of Work value. But, I am stuck with the multiple Nature of Work values & the corresponding Descriptions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You could write it like SELECT(TableName[Description],IN([Nature of Work],[_THISROW].[Nature of Work]))

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Thank you Aleksi!

Unfortunately, this is showing just 2 or 3 Description of Works.
Initially, I was having the Table as
Nature of Work a b
a xxx ABC
b yyy DEF

The formula was useful but it’s just showing few items.

Now, I have changed the same schema as mentioned below.

I would like the formula to be changed to show the list of items as per the Nature of Work selected.

Thank you.

I’ve got it with the formula ->
Select(Work Master[Description of Work],IN([Nature of Work],[_THISROW].[Nature of Work]))

Thank you anyways.