Displaying URL Images in templates

Hi all, I am making a switch from filepath image links to URL but small tests have shown me that the images dont show in the workflow PDFs as a picture it is displaying like this;

Not sure if this is a sizing issue? I can see the outline and when I click on the box it takes me to the image in my browser?

I have seen and read the documentation and it states by defualt images can and will show but not in this case unfortunately.

The URL is actually a sharepoint link as thats where my images are stored, following a move from one drive to sharepoint its the easiest way for images to be kept in one central site/location for use across multiple apps.

Is the SharePoint URL publicly-accessible? If you post one here, would I be able to browse to it?

I went to incognito mode and when I paste the link in it brings up the microsoft login, people would probably need to have an account with the company. But the only people sharing those PDFs would be those using the app/in the company.

Using a private URL doesnt work in any way does it?

I suspect AppSheet is trying to embed the images in the PDF rather than just linking to them. By embedding an image, the PDF can be viewed in its entirety while offline once initially downloaded. Based on that assumption, you won’t be able to use a private URL for images. support@appsheet.com can probably provide a better answer.


Steve is right. If you include an image in a PDF file, the PDF Rocket Service that converts the HTML file to a PDF file will attempt to retrieve the image and insert it into the PDF file. The PDF Rocket Service can only retrieve the image if it is publicly accessible.