Distances in UX of hidden display names are different of type text and enum/enumlist

Hello, dear AppSheet team,

I have the following bug issue:

If you are working with a mixed ux layout of having “display names” be shown and not. There is an option that makes possible to hide the display name of the row by typing an " " into the field.

The good about it is that it reduces the distance to the previous element…

BUT unfortunately it does not reduce the space to the previous element, if the column is the type of “Enum / EnumList”.
(Maybe also others types. But within this both it doesn’t.)
So the result is, if you go with the described solution, there are huge distances comming up (as if the display name is still there, but transparent. Please see below).

Would be great, if you could update it.

As well it would be even better to have a click box on every singe row to be able to switch on/off the display name without going the " " way.

Thank you much