Distinct column entries in a view

Total rookie so apologies if I’m missing something easy…

I have a simple sheet with 15 columns.
I’d like the opening view of my app to simply display the unique values of ‘column3’ as choices. Choosing any of the values would then open into a view where all rows matching ‘column3’ would show ‘column2’ from each record (not distinct). Finally choosing any of those records would then open up and show all the remaining fields of the record chosen.

My questions:
Is there a good sample app that shows such a structure (I couldn’t find one).
Is there a recommended way to show distinct values in the initial field? I’ve tried expressions, view options, etc. but I’m just not seeing it in the UI.
Should I do most of the work in the Sheet instead? It’d be easy enough to create additional sheets with Select statements to isolate the records, but that seems like it’d be done more elegantly in the app.

Thanks for any help!

There is now!


It depends entirely on what you’re trying to present. “Initial field” suggests an input field, which does not seem to be what you were asking for in a sample app. If you mean something different than what you’ve described previously, please explain further.

Generally, it’s better to use the sheet only to store data, and leave the work to the app itself.


Thanks Steve!

I did a lot of playing today and figured out most of what I was wanting to do. I came to many of the same conclusions you mention which is great (maybe I’m actually getting it ;-). I noticed you used grouping and slices to solve the first part of my question which is exactly the two routes I was using. What I learned first and foremost for next time is to pay more attention to my underlying data source and make that as simple as possible before starting the app.

Thanks again!


Well done!