Distribution of tasks between employees

Hi, I create an application in which people report IT problems, in the report form from the drop-down list depending on the choice, the task is assigned to a different department. Several people work in each department. The question now is whether there is any way to distribute tasks between people. For example, so that tasks are allocated sequentially and equally?

Task is assigned basis department or per indivisual?

Create a helper table to manage the task queue and use actions to add, modify and delete tasks.

When adding tasks, set the assigned to and other fields as required. Delete tasks when they are completed.


per individual

Do you have access to Appsheet API?

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until now I did not know that I could have. I need to read about it

If you can use Appsheet API, then you could namage what you want. But I m not sure any other workaround to achieve without API…

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Thank you very much for the tip,I will explore this knowledge about API

FYG, you need business subscription in order to use Appsheet API features, which probably you need to bear in your mind.

Thanks a lot for all the advice


The tips and tricks @Steve introduced may solve your problem. I just had a thought.