Dividing line

Hello. is it possible to display a dividing line or to better differentiate the different columns in the detail view?

Consider Show Types documented here:

I do not speak of types of columns. I want to know if it is possible to better separate the different fields in a detail view? For now, Appsheet has them one after the other without separation. I have an image that represents each heading but it is not clear if it refers to the text above or the text below. Why is the use of pages and tabs (very useful in forms) not automatically reproduced in the detail view?

I believe you can use a Show type / Image qualifier column as a divider. With very long detail views, I have a static line image where I use in conjunction with the Show type / Section_Header qualifier. For example I use this one:

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Very interesting. I did not think about it. I will try this solution as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Here how it looks like in one of my on-going client app: