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Do Google Doc email templates still support the use of HTML inside the template? I had a template with HTML in the body that was working perfectly for a year until a couple weeks ago, then all of a sudden stopped recognizing the HTML and instead displays it as text when the email comes through. Exporting the template as HTML in Google Docs results in the same, so it almost seems as if Google Docs discontinued support for HTML in the doc itself. Please let me know if you have any ideas on a workaround.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Jesse_Fallick the email body field in the WorkFlow email set-up, supports HTML. Rather than using a gDoc template, you can copy and paste the HTML code of your email body to this field.

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Interesting idea. Not as easy to edit as a gDoc but might suit my needs. I will give it a shot and let you know. Thanks.

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@Jesse_Fallick it’s quite easy though. I never used a gDoc template for our WF email bodies. I generally write the HTML code and test it with and then copy& paste. You can also use AppSheet placeholders inside the body which works fine. Ex. <<[ColumnName]>> expression simply print your column’s value as bold. You can also make a call to your CSS file if you have one😊 - Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle

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This worked perfectly, thanks for the tip!

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You’re welcome @Jesse_Fallick , it’s my pleasure to help.

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Great tips, ty!

Very interesting to hear you never use GDoc Template for your email body!

I’m guessing this has more benefits than just knowing your a Badass because you don’t need no stinking Template!


I’m hoping this/you might be able to help me fix a MAJOR problem for my Photobooth app.

The photos (taken by the app, set to Full resolution) that arrive in the Workflow email are very low-resolution and not worth downloading, even if it were possible.

Mr. Praveen said that I could build a link to that image, but this workaround has some big issues that I do not like, it’s a hassle, images all have the same name, feels sloppy/cumbersome…

I need the recipient to be able to easily download a hi-resolution photo directly from the email. Possibly related: In this same GDoc Template, I have all the Social Media Icons properly Linked so when you click them you go right to Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, when the email arrives, none of the Links work at all, links have dissapeared!

Mr. P said it was Google’s problem, but I would love for the Recipient to be able to easily Share their photos to Social.

Hoping your HTML inside email body trick will help!

Thanking you in advance!

Sorry to hijack this thread, but it sounds like your brilliant solution here might also help fix my last remaining issues with my app.

we can email about it if you want.


(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #8


I’m not aware how you have built the app and how the WF is triggered, but are you using Other Attachments option of the WF Rule to send the images? Have you set a formatting rule for that image column(s) to be used in a template?

If both answers to above questions are explicitly Yes, I believe you would then need some scripting support for what you trying to achieve. Basically you can set an onChange(e) script explicitly be triggered for that table’s record, which will then acquire the google file id for that image that’s recorded to the gDrive and associatevely record this id back to that table.

After that, you can freely use this file id to generate a img src HTML attribute inside your email body directly from that ID column. Ex.

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No, I am not using the Other Attachments option, this is the

first I’ve heard about it, HAHA, ty!

Sounds useful!

The only Format Rule I have on this WF Photo is to set

Image Size to Medium.

Along with the photo & Social Media Links, I’d also like to send other Linked Images of Merchandise the Recipient could click on and buy.