Do I have to share the data source access

Hi all,

I created an app and invite users (some are in the same organization and some outside).
The source data is all from the Google Sheets.
The problem is that I have to share the source Google Sheets with other users or not if I deploy the APP.


I am currently creating the APP under the testing environment (before deployment).
It seems that every actions, like edit data, the history record on Google Sheets all shows one user, the APP owner.

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but you should know about this option:

That would mean the above setting is set to “as app creator”.

Thanks @Marc_Dillon ,
You are right. The key is the ‘Access Mode’ setting.
If we set as app creator, we do not have to share the source sheets but the edit history on the sheets will show the owner only.
However, we have to give access to the source sheets if we set as app user. This means other users will use their own credentials to access the source data but the Google Sheet history will record them.


and I think this meet the Google Rules. The Google Sheet History function only records the users who have access to it.

This is wrong.
Sert as app user is prepared for “Private table” function under Appsheet.

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