Do not have access to an app even though I was the application owner

Hi everyone!

I suddenly lost access to 2 apps that I’ve created even though I was the application owner.
The funny thing is that the app that I’ve shared to my colleagues with - they still have access to it; but I totally do not have access to it anymore. Is there any way that I can workaround this or regain back access?

All advice appreciated, thank you!

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Hi, please ask from the app owner to add your email address to the Whitelist. Now it sounds that it’s missing from there.

Hi Aleksi,

The problem is I am the app owner… I was the one that created the apps… so how is it possible that it’s missing from my list?

The reason is actually quite simple… you have two accounts with the same email address but with two different providers. And now you are logged in with the other account. You need to logout from that provider and login again with the other one.

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Hi Aleksi,

Yes I am aware that I have 2 accounts; namely a Google and a Microsoft account that shares the same email address. The Google account has been disabled by the company a few months back and I know the apps that I created under the Google account are gone and that’s it.

These 2 apps now that I have created (and not able to see now) were done when I logged in with my Microsoft account. Hence the name ‘MS Athletes Database’. My colleagues are all login to AppSheet via Microsoft as well because again, all our Google accounts have been disabled by the company so there’s no way anyone is able to login via Google now.

So my issue is, the 2 apps were created when I was logged in via Microsoft account (since the Google one has been disabled so that’s out of the scenario); and I shared it with my colleagues who logged into their AppSheet accounts via Microsoft as well. They are able to see the missing apps that was created by me whereas I on the other hand, is not able to view the 2 apps at all because it’s missing from my app gallery. So my query is really more of how do I get back access to those 2 missing apps that were actually created by me?

Hope my explanation provides more clarity on the issue that I am currently facing.

Thanks in advance.

Your apps are not gone, you just can’t login with your Google account so you could see them. The MS Athletes Database you have created with your Google account (or you have transferred the app), not with the Microsoft account. When you have created them, it sounds that you haven’t realized that you were actually logged in with your Google account instead of Microsoft account at that moment. When using the same email address with two accounts this can happen quite easily. And… you have more than two apps under that account.

As you have sent a support request already, please ask our Support to add your email address as a co-author to these apps. Then you can take a copy of those apps.


Thank you very much for your advise Aleksi. I will do so, much appreciated!