Do not want approvers to change data

In all the Approval samples I have seen, the approvers are in the same data table as the data.
So if the slice or view has Update enabled(which it does to have them change the approval field to “approved”…they can also edit any off the other fields.
How can I make everything in a slice Read only except the approval fields?
do I have to put those fields in a different table and link them?

You can always set an Editable_If constraint for every column.

That’s hard.
An alternative that I like is to show a specific detail view with a single column set as Quick-Editable, and then hide the Edit button, so they never even go into the form view.

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Disable the Edit action entirely for users who shouldn’t be able to edit, and provide an Approve action that updates the row accordingly. Then the only way the user can approve something is through the action.

If I do that, from what I see, the user that can Approve through the action has to have "edit’ access for that field, so the table has to be in edit mode (i need the approver to see all fields, but I don’t want them to be able to change them).
Is the only way to disable the Edit action entirely for users who shouldn’t be able to edit (like you suggested), is to go field by field and on each column only make editable for certain users?

How about if you use different but related table for approves? The approve would be a child record and then you could have more than just one appeove. If that “Approves” table is Adds_only, they don’t need any access for the original table.

No, disable the Edit action:

they need to edit one field

Which field?

An approval will need to see everything…but should only be able to update the approved or approval field

My suggestion above accomplishes your goal.

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