Do random action after save the form

I want to know is there anyway to random the value after save the form? Now, I can random automatically when open the form but i want it to random after save the form.

What do you want to exactly achieve? Better to elabrate what you are aiming for.

Randbetween will generate the randam number automatically. Similarly uniqueid is going to genereate the unique strings, which it can be construed as randam value as well.

Are you looking for something else?

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Now, I used the formula (randbetween() with no the same value in the loop) that will random values immediately when i open a form to fill. But the problem is when 2 users fill the form at the same time it will be same value when they submit the form. It will ruin my flow. So, I want to know how to random after submit the form. I think this solution will help and not ruin my flow. (I don’t know if you understand this. I’m not that good at english.)

I did not know randambetween expression will generate the same value when the users add new row concurrently. Then sounds like you need to avoid to use that expression.

What is your ultimate goal? Just to get randam “number”? Randam string/texts are not workable?

Could be one of the solutions worth thinking ?

Concact the uniqueid() and randambetween ?, expression like



There will be always a solution with you.

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Why do you want to do this?