Do virtual columns only recompute after the d...

(Cory Chapman) #1

Do virtual columns only recompute after the data syncs?

(Cory Chapman) #2

It seems that virtual columns with simple expressions for example col1 + col2 reevaluated immediately after pressing the save button but more complex expression using SELECT, MINROW or FILTER do change until after Sync. Is that correct?

(Steven Coile) #3

In my experience, you can only expect virtual columns to update on a sync except for a row being edited (i.e. loaded in a form view), in which case virtual columns of that row are updated whenever the input field changes.

(Steven Coile) #4

Keep in mind, too, that the only data changes your app will experience outside of a sync are due to user interaction. If the user takes no action to modify data, and the app hasn’t synced, there is no impetus for virtual columns to update.

Of particular note, if you have any time-sensitive virtual columns, they will not be triggered solely by the passing of time.

(Cory Chapman) #5

I have the data below, [StateCount] is a virtual column with the formula: =COUNT(FILTER(Customers,[State] = [_THISROW].[State]))

When I edit of row 1 from MA to FL the state count doesn’t change until after sync. I guess based on your previous comments this makes sense. I will have to go about this a different way. Thanks for your help.


[StateCount] MA

2 FL

3 MA

2 FL

3 NY

1 FL