Do you want to display thumbnail or image for the web site?

This quick tip allow you to display thumbnail (or image) in Appsheet view for the screenshot being captured from the external website.

See the quick screenshot movie here.

Prepare the column to capture URL for external site. In this sample, I placed

The virtual column to construct screenshot for target site is poping up.

On various use case, we place urls in appsheet table, and make hyperlink to it. Unless the user click link and open the site on the external browser, they wont have a look at whta it looks like.

This tips to make screenshot out of the url automatically and display with appsheet virtual column.

Again, as well as my tips I shared in the community, there are bunch of API service to convert url to the quick screenshot. Some are basis subscription and some can be used at free of charge.

This is a site I found useful and compatible with Appsheet.

As far as I know, there are quite few people are reporting bugs to display images on the different devices, and I m one of them. Hope this bug will be solved soon.

Same story applicable. When you use and test on your app, the image/thumbnail not being displayed correctly. But if you try log in log out and test with other browser and OS, it may show correctly.

So until we dont see any odd behaiviro in terms of displaying images on Appsheet, I do not recommend to user in production environment, but trick should be fun.
For app to share information of something, but link to the external site is placed, the quick glance to the site beside the information on appsheet will be find useful. And we can cosmetically decorate the app with least effort, i.e. adding virtual column with expression, that s it.

I will keep testing how it works and get app stable to display the site screenshot.

In the meantime, as far as i tested this new tip, we are not display the page / screnshot for the site which is accessible after we log in. Those page and site sit beyond the firewall, so this is pretty much natural.

Have a great weekend, and festive season.


One of the key elements of building an app, even for business, is an immersive user experience. Images, maps, etc. are great way to get there. This is a really cool way to bring a web address alive. Great idea! I love the things you’ve been posting, all great finds!


Thank Grant, your comments encourage me to do more!

Keep up and keep up!