Do you want to print something from Appsheet app? Then have a look

I wonder how Appsheet user currently printing out docs from the app, but basically we send the email to the login use by action/workflow combination then once the email arrives, user to print the mail and/or attachment.

If we only have single printer fixed in the office then wish to print something out of that printer + Appsheet app, this could be working option.

This is one of the service Epson provide.

It is depending on the printer you have but some of the printer is providing the unique email address.
What I mean when you send email to this secret email address (cohere to your machine), mail body + attachment is printed out.

What i do now is set the action/workflow on appsheet app. When the user click button on appsheet, then workflow will send email to email address uniquely config for my printer.

So far so good.

Sharing (this easy) tips for those who are looking for option to print ‘something’ out of Appsheet, cheers.


@tsuji_koichi Thank you very much for sharing.
I can confirm that this is working very well with my Epson WF-3540.
In the settings you can define to print only the Attachment, without any E-Mail Body.


Great to see it did work with your printer and app combination as well!

Hello friends, i’m going to give epson connect a go as well, i have an action that creates the PDF that i want to send, but since the work process involving the PDF is kind of a trial and error process, i’m going to use a separate button to send the final PDF, how can i attach an already created PDF to a mail?

EDIT: I managed to do it! hehe, thanks guys.

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