Document Processing - Folder as a Table

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Sample assets for trying out Folder as a Table feature of Document Processing.



This gets rid of all kinds of code-y workarounds (apps script). For example. if you connect to a folder of images (1), you can create a virtual field (2) with this expression (3):
"" & [_ID]

Because we now have access to the Drive ID’s (4), you can get these images inline (5) in your app without any extra security fiddling, sharing, or coding. Nifty Nifty Nifty! Thanks for sharing, @prithpal


Wait a flipping minute :thinking: :open_mouth:
This has 0 use for myself as I don’t have any situations that call for this type of feature but I know that there’s always a question every other month or so about something like

Looking forward to testing this new feature soon.

UK looks exactly same as table config.

To add google target folder as a table, it is posible that we may have “folder picker” to add a new table? Or do we need to add new data source first for those folders? Just wondered how to add new folder as a table as user experiences.

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@tsuji_koichi you choose "new table, and then you pick “Documents” as a type, then “folder”. Then you get the file picker, the assumption here is that you are picking a folder of existing images.

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Also, putting a reference to the general announcement that has a link to the Primer pdf, which has instructions for how to use this feature…in case you are clicking on the zip file above and wondering what to do with it :slight_smile: