Does anybody know how to recreate the followi...

Does anybody know how to recreate the following feature from the Order Capture sample app?

Basically one of the columns in the Open Orders_Form is a button which allows you to add multiple ITEMS to each ORDER. I think my links etc. have been set up as per the Order Capture app however when I open the form it doesn’t have the column there. For info the ORDER DETAILS column in the sample app is a virtual column (I think), see screenshots for more info.

I know I can copy the app but the setup and column requirements are quite different to what I am looking to achieve, basically I just want to be able to add the multiple items within the form. Maybe this is something simple I have overlooked, not sure.

For info it looks like both forms share the same view, not sure how this works?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Order Details app formula

In your child table you need to set the option IsAPartOf as TRUE. You can find it from the ref column’s definition.

@Aleksi_Alkio wow that’s great thanks, probably never would have found it on my own! Another quick one, how do I edit the descriptions highlighted on the screenshot below now I have it working?

Open the virtual list column from the parent table and change the option “Description”

@Aleksi_Alkio That’s great, thanks for the help!

You’re welcome

Hi guys!

I’m doing the same thing by recreating the Order Capture app but still can’t figure out how to include the ADD feature in the dropdow list from customers. Thanks for the help!