Does anybody knows how to make an column that...

(Diego Sanchez) #1

Does anybody knows how to make an column that scan qr codes but only accept certain values? i have it on text and scanneable but it let me put text instead of the qr…

(Grant Stead) #2

No you can not force them to use the camera. They will always be able to enter text. However, your can restrict the values allowed with a well constructed valid_if statement.

(Green Gorilla) #3

Would a SELECT statement work? Basically checking that the text was on a list of pre-approved codes?

I tried that but when i entered a random 10 character text (my qr codes are just that, saved in a users table against the users details) it accepted it, but then threw up a NaN error… presumably as it couldn’t reference details stored against that code.

I would have expected it to refuse the SAVE.

Any ideas?