Does anyone know any way (or have developed a...

(Jason Tuck) #1

Does anyone know any way (or have developed any tools) that reliably allow you to identify all the differences between two versions of the same app?

The more I use Appsheet for a critical production application the more I’m getting frustrated about the ability to keep changes between versions synced.

Basic scenario setup: Production app deployed and used Dev App is a copy of production app, in prototype mode with in development changes.

Problem: Production needs a few quick fixes.

You make the changes (all appsheet app definition work), and deploy. Now you have to remember to update the dev app with the same changes.

Ideally you would just say “What has changed on production app between version 3.00024 and 3.00029”, but there is no easy way to find all the changes you made in the production app, beyond clicking every column’s details and double checking you have the same settings.

This would be extremely useful to identify all the changes made in one app that need to be now made in another app, or even as a QA measure to ensure that all the changes have been made.

The version history page is practically useless. Unless you save after every minute change it will always show “The app definition diff is too large”

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Jason_Tuck Hi Jason, I’m afraid that apart from the version history, there’s currently no built-in tool in AppSheet to “diff” 2 different app versions. However, please feel free to request this feature in our feature request app. If more users ask for this, we will certainly take it into consideration when planning future development.