Does anyone know of a way to mimic moving of ...

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Does anyone know of a way to mimic moving of data between tables?

I have a customer table that acts as the base for a somewhat large Service management system.

There are many sheets attached to the App using many views and slices.

However, one of the views is a stand alone sheet with a simple UI which is

serving as a Customer LEAD portion of the App.

The issue is that once they become an actual customer I need to copy or move the data to the main list.

I don’t want to pollute the main list with unneeded columns, which is why I have not already put the LEADS columns into the main sheet. I don’t want to de-normaliize my tables.

I’ve looked at the copy and edit action, but from what I see it only works on the current table.

I need it to copy/move the data from one sheet to another.

Any suggestions?

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I may have my own answer by using slices and views but still would like any feedback about copying/moving data around?

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I have done some Sales workflow apps and specifically moving from a Lead to a Customer.

What I did was to have just one table Leads/customers and set the Type to

Lead when it first is entered into the table.

Then when the Lead turns into a customer I change the Type column to Customer.

Then it is very easy to filter on Customer or Lead using Slices.

No copying, No moving around.

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… as to your issue with columns.

The Lead/Customer table would contain only those columns that are common to both types, Leads and Customers.

For a Lead data you could then create a new table to hold all of the lead columns and relate it to the Lead/Customer table.

The Customer table is not polluted by lead data and you could still look at the lead information that originally was associated for the lead.

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Thank you Mary, that’s kinda of what I was thinking too. Thank you for your post I do appreciate it…