Does AppSheet have any ability to integrate w...

Does AppSheet have any ability to integrate with an email service (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.) standing alone or with a 3rd party solution like Zapier?

Mailchimp has a rest API connection and at least you could create that connection with scripting.

I expect very soon (before end of this year) we’ll have an integration option to set up your own MailChimp service. At this moment, you’d need to use a Webhook action and wire up the JSON in it yourself.


@praveen any more progress with Mailchimp integration option? Will this be part of the Business Subscription?

We have one developer starting to work on it. Not yet figured out which subscription, but yes, most likely will be part of the Business Subscription.

Any progress on this???

@praveen echo @MultiTech_Visions. What is the Appsheet team’s ETA on this?

There was just a post put up about this in the announcements

This is not talking about MailChimp integration but a GMail Add On

True, but that’s the team working on things like this :slight_smile:

But we do not know the detail of the Teams Baclog :wink: Post said GMail not MailChimp :slight_smile:

is mailchimp integrated?