Does AppSheet offer the feature to build in a...

Does AppSheet offer the feature to build in a countdown clock or timer?

In other words, there is a feature where a timer can start (counting down) and reset.

A step further would be where there is a color indicator while the timer is counting down, but upon expiration…the timer or screen changes colors (to acknowledge the expiration).

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Nope, not yet. I believe this is on the ask list.

@Bellave_Jayaram Yeap, that’s correct.

Hi, Is this feature still not available?

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It is not available currently.

Ok thanks

This would be amazing. Especially using timers to send notifications to alert users to need to do a check or something.

Hi @ten4information_LLC! Check out our Feature Request category on the forum. You can post a request for a new feature or you can see if a feature you’d like to have added has been requested and throw some support behind it.