Does default unsliced ref views load data?

I’d like to know if the system generated ref views load unfiltered/unsliced data in the app, because nearly all the UX views I’m adding manually are related to Slices.
For example, I have a detailed view that shows my profile information filtered in the slice by email. So appsheet generates myprofile_detail and myprofile_form for that slice, but given that i’m having struggle deleting the other views users_detail, users_form that are system generated linked directly to the users table, I wonder if appsheet loads the whole users table in the device.

I was thinking about that because of two things, security and load speed.
Should I use security filters instead?

System-generated views cannot be permanently deleted; if deleted, the system will recreate them when the app config is next saved.

All table data is loaded into the app regardless of configured views. The only way to control what data is loaded into the app is to use security filters or Filter out all existing rows?.


Assume that data on the device can be accessed by the user.

Any table configured within the app can be accessed by users, even if no views are configured for the table.

A column’s Show? property can be used to hide the column’s value, which is the best you can do for data on the device.

A view’s Show if property does NOT prevent users from accessing the view; it just hides the view as a navigation option within the app.

Yes, it does–unless you use a security filter.


Thank you Steve, I’ll use security filters.

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