Does it matter if the back end linked spreads...

(Neil Boisen) #1

Does it matter if the back end linked spreadsheet is not in the location indicated in Info>Properties>Default app folder?

I have an app that indicates a different folder in the Info>Properties page than where the spreadsheet is actually saved.

I have found that if I link a file (video, image) using a relative path, I cannot use the folder indicated as the default.

Rather, I have to use the folder where the spreadsheet is actual stored.

Can I manual update the default folder in Info?


If I move the spreadsheet to the default folder, is there a way to re-link the spreadsheet without loosing all of my column settings?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

In basically if you don’t have any photos, signatures etc. in you app, you can change the position because the app is using the DocID, not the folder or file name. When the app reads the image file, it will “start” the position from that folder where the file is. If you now change the position, it doesn’t find those images if you don’t change that folder as well.

(Neil Boisen) #3

Thanks for the clarification about the distinction between the folder and the DocID.

So basically, if I DO have photos and want to move them, I can change the default path and move the folder to that same location and the app will still find the photos.


But apparently this is not the case if you use the “folder” column type and a relative path.

In that case, it seems you have to pass that relative path on the actual location of the spreadsheet and NOT the default app path.

Isn’t that correct?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Actually… if you move both source file and image subfolders, you don’t need to do anything else.

(Neil Boisen) #5

I am talking about the case, which I have, where the default path (and images) are in one place and the source file is in another.

For example, I have an app where the google sheet is NOT in any sub-folder (only My Drive), but the default app path is My Drive/AppSheet/Data/ and the images are in a sub-folder of that.

I then added a pdf and an mp4, recorded the file name only (no path) in the spreadsheet.

If I place those source files in the default path, they cannot be found.

If I place them in the My Drive main folder (alongside the google sheet) they can be opened by the app.

So it seems that photos are stored in a sub-folder of the default folder, but the relative path for a file must be in the same folder as the source file (which can be different).