Does public apps under white-label also requires that the appsheet app-launcher be pre installed?

For “Public Apps” new users:
Is it necessary to first download and install the main AppSheet App BEFORE download and install the real App under the “Public Publisher Pro” (White-label) plan?

If that is the case, I’m out of the AppSheet’s platform for a serious non-profit project need, which is only viable/payable IF under the PPP/W-L plan.

If you white-label your app and publish the app on the stores, than it won’t need the AppSheet app to be installed.

Thanks LeventK!
Perhaps do you know if we will be able to integrate with our PostgreSQL?
Any other eventual restriction/limitation that you may know within the Pro-plan list of what is supposed to be available/working (except logins)?

SQL integration is provided with Business Plan subscription only. I may advise contacting for that.

I will. Thank You, Levent.

You’re welcome