Does the mouse scroll wheel not work in the appsheet editor

I bought a new mouse and the scrolling wheel does not work on the second section of the appsheet editor.

I’m not sure that this was something that happened with my old mouse.

It works on other webpages.

Is my mouse supposed to scroll?

Hello @Jaros, we’re gonna need a screenshot or something to identify the issue in this case

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Hard to show a screenshot of a mouse not moving. I just opened another app editor for one of my other apps and its working there but not working on one particular app editor only. I refreshed the page and it still does the same thing. Guess its just a bug, will hopefully go away at some point. Thanks for the quick response.

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Yeah, but i don’t know where exactly it’s not working, that’s the thing haha

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My mouse scroll wheel works fine throughout the app editor.

I don’t understand what “second section” refers to.

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