Domain authentication bug

During the automatic consistency check this morning, all of my applications domain authentication has stopped working:

I’m being told to add an auth domain to the account; however I have auth domains added already.

Users are unable to log in.

When I view the old version in the editor, the issue goes away. However, restoring that version results in the same error.

Same can you email support, I’m on the road

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Already have! Also:

  • Re-adding the domain auth doesn’t fix it;
  • switching the app to not require sign in, then back to domain auth does not fix it.

adding @praveen


Also, trying to switch from my corporate account to my personal @gmail account, and can’t even log in to the appsheet service via Google OAuth:


Microsoft still seems to work :man_shrugging:

edit: and Google OAuth is working again.

@Jonathon thank you for flagging this. We’ll have something posted in the announcement threads shortly.


Thanks @JCadence. Also, the issue seems to be resolved for me.

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@Jonathon glad to hear. Here’s the thread to follow just in case this changes in the next few hours


This should be fixed and everything working normally. Could you please let us know if you still see problems?

That said, if you opened your app in the editor, you might have ended up with a version that has an error. Please reopen in the editor to get to a good version. Or revert to a previous stable version.