Don't clear data in inputs after clicking Submit

do this influences on writing data to table? I wait more then 30 or 45 secondes, but the number in the red circle doesn’t disappear. When I click on cicle it appears the message with info about writing data and everything writes to table

may be I did something wrong with last values from the table? Can you look? I need one last value, not many values… Sorry(((

I think you did everything correctly.
About red circle, this is just an indication of the number of remaining elements to sync, so I don’t worry about that.

About the initial value expression, if the issue still persists, feel free to share your whole expression.
If so, please use this to wrap the copied expression, and indent it:

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it’s here. may be it’s nothing in input because it is dropdown list?

      ([_THISROW].[login] = [login])

I don’t get why that does not work.
Can you share a screenshot of this column configuration please ? (when you click on black pen)

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ok, first pictures

I may be wrong, but I think you don’t need to set the same expression both in Suggested values and Valid_If, Valid_If is enough in my opinion.

Your Valid_If expression seems correct to me if you have to pick one or various values in a list.
But, I see your column type is Text.
Should be Enum.

Can you give it a try ?
Or, change the valid_if expression into something like
IN([_THIS], yourTable[yourColumn])

For reference


The simplest way to create such behavior:

  1. Create an Action with “Do it” type “App: go to another view within this application” and “Target” as
    LINKTOFORM (“tasks_Form”, “login”, [_THISROW].[login], “table”, [_THISROW].[table])
    [replace your forms, table and column names]
  2. Form properties on the Behavior tab, set the “Event Action” (Form saved) name of the created action
    Voiladeepin-screen-recorder_Select area_20210916214354
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Oh, your way looks like issue) can you show me slowly where you click after Behavior? And how you created the task?
I can’t keep up with you((

and one more question, how did you organize that after submit the form remains on the screen?

Your form can be set to to auto save and auto open.


I would STRONGLY recommend you NOT use @ in you table names.


can you explain why? I’m newbe at this, where this can hinder me? this is reserved symbol in formula?

It’s not a “reserved” character, per se, but any punctuation in table names could conflict with existing or future syntactic elements. There have been times in the past when punctuation has cause subtle problems that were hard to troubleshoot.


thank you, I will edit this))