Don't edit children when parent is marked "finished"

In my parent table I use an Action to set the column [Finished] to TRUE.
After that the user should not be able to edit the children or to add new children.
How can I do that?

You could set the child record’s EDIT button to hide when the parent record is marked ‘finished’. But that won’t prevent edits via other actions/workflows that may already be in use, so you’d have to hide/disable those too.

I don’t think you can limit the table’s Adds, Updates, Deletes permissions based on a value in another table though.


Sure can! :nerd_face: Kinda… I love the AppSheet platform, you can customize and control just about everything.
You can control when the system generated add, edit, delete buttons should be shown just like you would any manually created one.

I created a sample app based on the Order Sample app to show how all this works:


Yes, this is a nice work around. I meant that you can’t in the sense that the formula for Are Updates Allowed? does not let you reference row values.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 10.45.36 AM

We can limit access to individual columns, or the whole table, but there’s no way to lock a single row based on a condition.


Not with the same methods, no; but with control over the buttons that make everything happen you can. :nerd_face:


Another thing you can do, but this depends on the initial setup of your data, would be if you were to use an EnumList real column of base Ref to your children. In that case you could change the Editable property to something like NOT([Finished]).