Don't show and include Guest-xxxxx for usage logs

It becomes obvious the reason for the name of “guest–xxxxx” appears on the usage log is just because of the BOT to run.
For app where we do require sign-in, where naturally we should not have guest users for those app, but the reality is we have records for Guest-xxx users who access and interactted with app. It looks to me when BOT is run for instance, scheduled bot, and this interaction made by bot is recorded within usage log as guest users.

To avoid the confusion, we wish to eliminate those access logs from usage log.

We always get scared if anyone who are not authorized to access to the app is peeking into our apps.


In the meantime, it also looks to me that the logs for BOT to act on schedule is not recorded and confirmed through the Monitor app. We have BOT to run daily, but there is no logs to see if the bot is actually run on schedule or not as there is no logs.

On the usage logs, we see the footprint of bot running on schedule, but we have no footprint for that on Monitoring app. Strange.

Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir @praveen

@tsuji_koichi The monitoring app has a limit of the amount of data that it can retrieve, therefore if there are a lot of executions in the selected time span some of them might not show up. Try to narrow down the date range and see if the execution that you are looking for shows up.