Don't show value previously selected in a form

I have 5 Enum columns that have a valid if formula to show a specific list (same list for all columns) to select. I want the list of columns that are blank to not show the values ​​that were already selected in the other columns.

I already test this:

SELECT(Choices[Name]) for 1st place column
SELECT(Choices[Name])-LIST([1st Place]) for 2nd place
SELECT(Choices[Name])-LIST([1st Place],[2nd Place]) for 3rd and so on.

But I get the following error: “LIST has elements of mismatched types”

Is there any formula to make this happen?

You’re on the right track.

Is the Name column of the Choices table of the same column type as the 1st Place and 2nd Place columns?

Please post a screenshot of the error message and the complete expression to which it refers.


Hi @juanpa , @Steve solved this for me.


@Steve Base type of Column 1 was wrong (REF) I changed it and it works … Thanks!

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Well done!