Double-Click Column Names in Table View to 'Group By' That Column

Table Views can be 'Grouped By' a certain column in the view settings

But if the user clicks a column name, the grouping goes away so that the rows can be sorted by that column.

2020-08-19 15.53.27

The user has to refresh the page for the grouping to return.

This feature request is for a new click/tap-behavior on the column header.

  • Single Click sorts by that column
  • Double Click groups the table by that column

This would remove the need to create multiple similar views just to group by a different column.
Please allow all table views to be grouped by any column, as selected by the user.

Thanks for considering! :smiley:

oh hot reservoir this is my jelly
Would. Be. Absolutely. Amazing.

Your what hurts?

Also, voted, great idea.

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Thanks for the vote. I’m all out and can’t event vote for my own request. :upside_down_face:



People have been asking for accordion style tables for a long time, potentially since the dawn of time.