Doubt with a Select() for an special situation


I’m making a query that I want to come out as you can see in the picture (or as close as possible)

saldo por minero

This has to be a detail view because of the filter. Right :thinking:?
The select to bring me all the data how would it be? this I have already done but individually based on the date and the name of the wallet with this Select:
Select(Historical1 [Ending Balance], AND ([Date] = [_THISROW]. [Date], [Wallet_name] = [_THISROW]. [Wallet selec]))
ejemplo 1

But for me to bring all the records that meet the condition I have to do something special?

I think this one is easier to do than the one I did by date and wallet name, but I’m stuck on how to bring several records as you can see in the first picture.

Thank you very much for your support.

Or a dashboard.


Many thanks Steve, let me check this information

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Sorry, but I can’t make the function work with any of my fields, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? the filter is doing it on a text column, but even doing it on columns with numbers in price format works for me. Any idea what could be happening?

doubt 2

In the case of texts, I’m doing it against text-type fields, but it doesn’t work at all even if you try with other tables

My data is stored in excel on onedrive

Many thanks!

Please describe what you want to accomplish, using only plain language. Your original post did not provide me with a clear understanding. Please do not attempt to describe how you think we might accomplish the goal. Tell me where you want to go, not how you think we should get there,