Doubts using for loop with actions

i’m pretty new using appsheet and i have a particular case that I don’t know how to solve.

How can I replicate this logic in appsheet?
Thank you very very much!

Hi @Valeria_Estrada

You may want to have a look there:

In your case, that would give:

  SELECT(TABLE B[Units per package],
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Thank You @Aurelien
I forgot to clarify that From the income of table A, I have to execute a series of actions recreating a loop where the result is the printing of all these rows in table b
that´s my doubt

Hi @Valeria_Estrada

You may want to use the expression I gave in a virtual column.
This way, the sum calculation will always be correct.
Please find here how to use it:

I’m not sure of what you mean here, but I think the previous indication may be the answer to your question, i.e whatever data you append in the table B, the calculation made in a virtual column in table A will remain correct, because recalculated “on the fly”.

If that’s not the answer to your question, can you please share further details, context, and what you made so far ? Screenshots are best :+1:

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