Download action

I want to select multiple records and then create an action that will allow me to download these records in pdf.


It’s possible ?


I’m not so clear what you want to download from that Deck View

i need an action button to generate a report and when i click in it download it to me.
by now the most important is to generate a report from selecteds at the deck.

Let us know if you find a solution for this, could be very useful.

If you have a column (or you can add one) and you update it’s value with NOW(), you can trigger with it an Workflow rule. That will then send the email/pdf for you. Because you are triggering two records (in this sample), you will receive two different emails.

I have created an Action to export CSV file for a slice which has some security filters for the respective users to display. While clicking the action, the CSV file generated is completely blank. Can you please guide me, where the things has gone wrong or what are criteria for such actions to be active.

Hi, any chance that you are triggering the action from the mobile device? Does it work from the browser?

Mr. Aleksi I am trying from the browser only. Blank sheet is getting downloaded.


The best way I found to download files was:

Create a workflow to save a file.

Select the content type (CSV)

and configure the template to your shape.

Create an action that opens an external file.

concatenate file path + saved file name + file extension

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Very good option. Thanks Mr. Santos. Will definitely explore the option. If nay help required, will ask you for help. Thank’s once again :grinning: